Cheese Plate

Presented in its own felt sleeve with bespoke, glass-beaded cheese utensil

Color: Petrified Wood and Robins Egg Blue

Size: 7.5" x 10"

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Cheese Plate, Petrified Wood Glass - size options

SKU: 30301
  • Product Information

    • During the kiln process the Petrified Wood glass reacts chemically with the copper based blue glass to give the appearance of wood grain in glass. A stunning effect and one that varies with each fuse. Each piece has its own unique appearance.
    • Comes beautifully presented in its own hand-stitched, double layer, felt sleeve for safe storage for those days its not in use.
    • Includes a bespoke, hand-crafted cheese utensil with glass beaded handle detail
    • Food safe, hand washing recommended.